Monday, June 27, 2011

Week19 4HB slow carb numbers


No Onederland yet (well actually I am 199.8 but I don't count it unless it's 199.5 or less). So yay onederland, it's great to see you, and surely I'll get to record it next week. Today was Cro's bday and we used my diet free day to enjoy a Brazilian churrascaria steakhouse called Fogo de Chão. I had a sample of nearly every meat offered as the smarly dressed gauchos paraded through the tables with selections on skewers.

I promised not to post Cro's photo (which was the only way I was allowed to take them) but I'm pictured on the right with my lovely strawberry caipirinha. The salad bar was great but I was warned not to fill up there since the meats would be in endless supply. Also supposed bottomless plates of polenta, fried banana, mashed potatoes and cheese bread were available. I say "supposed" because we didn't test that theory. One plate of each was way more than enough.

It was pricy, but a very fun experience that we both enjoyed lots. Peppadews are amazing. It was the first time I've had one of those. Comparing favs we both loved the beef ancho (ribeye) most. My second fav was cordeiro (lamb) while Cro liked the lombo (parmesan encrusted pork loin).

We had to ask one of the servers to not prepare the birthday dessert they bring out if they know it's your day. We were too stuffed.


We spent the day visiting my mom. She has had a new addition built on the front of the family home so we lounged in the new sunroom chatting for most of our stay. It was great to see her and I miss her now that we are back in our own cozy home. Today's eats were a Quest bar (20g protein, 5g carbs) for breakfast, another Quest bar for lunch and two Hebrew National beef franks with bacon for dinner. Total of 60 protein and 10 carbs for the day.


203 today. Blah. But it's the start of our week of vacation together so that erases the blah for sure. Besides, a 3 pound gain is one less than the normal 4 pound gain I experience after each free day.

Back to work next week promises to be interesting but since we have next Monday off for Independence Day it will at least be one day short.

Meal's today will be a Quest bar for breakfast, walnut encrusted chicken breast for lunch and likely bacon for dinner.

4HB track record: -22 pounds TOTAL loss so far

Week19: no loss
Saturday June 25, 2011
Week18: -1 pounds
Saturday June 18, 2011
Week17: -2 pounds
Saturday June 11, 2011
Week16: no loss
Saturday June 4, 2011
Week15: no loss
Saturday May 28, 2011
Week14: -1 pound
Saturday May 21, 2011
Week13: -3 pounds
Saturday May 14, 2011
Week12: -2 pounds
Saturday May 7, 2011
Week11: no loss
Saturday April 30, 2011
Week10: -1 pound
Saturday April 23, 2011
Week9: -1 pound
Saturday April 16, 2011
Week8: +1 pound
Saturday April 9, 2011

Week7: -2 pounds
Saturday April 2, 2011

Week6: -1 pound
Saturday March 26, 2011

Week5: -1.5 pounds
Saturday March 19, 2011

Week4: -2 pounds
Saturday March 12, 2011

Week3: -.5 pounds
Saturday March 05, 2011

Week2: -1 pound
Saturday Feb 26, 2011

Week1: -4 pounds
Saturday Feb 19, 2011


  1. You are my SloCarb hero! You rock!

  2. so, how were the mucho sexy manboys slicing hunks of meat?

    are we ever going to get to see what mr. cro looks like?

    how do you get your pictures to line up so pretty?

    do i ask too many questions?

    are you enjoying your vacation?


  3. Anne: ^_^ You make me smile.

    SheZug: The manboys swarmed like bees. It was fun to watch. The photos line up on the side when I upload several at once and set them all to align-right. Sometimes I have to copy the paragraph of text and move it back up (just put your text cursor to the left of the first photo and paste the text you have already copied).

    I got away with posting a couple photos of Cro a few years ago here:

    Photos of Cro

    He is my sexy man boy. :)


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