Thursday, July 28, 2011

bad dream

I was scrambling to find a good hiding spot and to barricade the doors and windows of the second story of my childhood home. Two dinosaurs were on to me and trying to gain access. One of them was rather small, had no teeth and looked like a komodo dragon ... the other was slightly larger and super frightening with a mouth full of teeth and a crazy look of bloodlust in it's eyes. It also had bright red frill things that it would puff out to make its face look larger and more intimidating.

It was a very vivid dream. The smaller dinosaur was attacking my sister, who had inadvertently
let it into my hiding place. When I woke up I had fallen back to what I've always considered my grandmother's attic. It was the attic space in the family home where lots of her items were stored. I made that unfinished attic space my own little sanctuary and play space when I was a kid. So I blocked off the door to grandma's attic and hid from the larger dinosaur. I could hear the struggle between my sister and the smaller monster but no way I was going out there.

I was in the midst of deciding what to do and planning how I was going to survive long-term when I woke up.

I say this dream was clearly stress-induced. I just hope my survival doesn't come at the sacrifice of my sister, lol. It won't, that was only an odd dream scenario and my sister has nothing to do with this stress. I guess she just represents a part of me that was killed ... I dunno ... I'm not a dream interpreter. I still felt quite guilty that in the dream I chose to hide rather than to try to help her (even though she was past saving and stepping out would have meant I would be eaten too).

Today's meals total 93 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 18 carbs

sirloin & ground sausage (24 protein)
.125 cup red beans (3 carbs)
diced peppadew peppers (4 carbs)

sirloin & ground sausage (24 protein)
.125 cup red beans (3 carbs)
diced peppadew peppers (4 carbs)

Quest bar (20 protein, 4 carbs)

bacon (25 protein)

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