Monday, July 11, 2011

feels like I'm walking on sunshine

I'm looking forward to my Quest bars arriving in the mail today (I hope!). I didn't pack lunch since there is a leftover serving of pulled pork in the work fridge from last Friday.

I feel apathetic. I know myself and there is no danger of my eating foods that are off plan. The trap lies in not bothering to use the food scale and in skipping meals and eating too little. This morning for example, I didn't weigh the half chicken breast but rather guessed that half a chicken breast was about right ... it certainly wasn't overshooting the amount of protein. I couldn't be bothered to eat it all though so I probably ended up with 10g protein instead of the 20grams I'm supposed to have.

I should portion out meals for the entire week like I was doing prior to our staycation. That way I don't have to think about portions for the rest of the week since I'd pre-prepped everything. All I really feel like I am going to want to do when I get home is to mow the lawn and soak up as much of that hot sun (vitamin D) as I can.

Breakfast: chicken (10g protein).
1st mini-lunch: pulled pork (20g protein).
2nd mini-lunch: Quest bar? (20g protein, 5 carbs).
Dinner: pulled pork (20g protein).


  1. Be sure and apply sunscreen on your feet if you plan on walking on sunshine for very long. ;)

  2. i wonder what spf I'd need for that.

  3. I think you said before, but is there an easy way to figure out how many grams of protein per oz?

  4. It depends on the meat. An easy conversion that Cro suggested to get me started was 4/1. I have a link posted in the right sidebar of this blog (above the blogroll) called "How much protein is in that?". I use that link lots when figuring out my meals.

  5. Oop, and the 4/1 conversion is protein/grams ... so to get 20grams of protein I would need to eat 80grams of meat. It's also a very rough estimate. Some meats are 3/1 while others are 5/1. Best to look up each different type of meat and go from there.


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