Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i'd rather be walking on moonshine

My Quest bars have arrived and I love love love the chocolate one. If any of you decide to try these bars definitely heat them in the microwave for 10 seconds first since that drives them to a magical transformation of deliciousness.

I had a Mixed Berry Bliss Quest bar this morning. Yummy but not out of this world like the chocolate. Yesterday I tried the Chocolate Brownie and Apple Pie. Two meals worth eating! I'm starting to feel like that Yoplait commercial where the guy overhears his wife talking on the phone about having boston cream pie and half a dozen other decadent desserts. He rummages through the fridge – shoving the yogurts out of the way as he searches for the desserts – not realizing she was talking about the yogurt flavors.

I mowed the lawn when I got home yesterday even though it was near 100 degrees and the heat index was well above that. There is something about riding that John Deere that soothes my soul and helps repair the stress wear and tear I receive during the day. If it were faster I'd drive that thing to work.

Breakfast: Quest bar (20g protein, 4carbs).
1st mini-lunch: Quest bar (20g protein, 5 carbs), pulled pork (20g protein).
2nd mini-lunch: Quest bar (20g protein, 5 carbs).
Dinner: bacon (20g protein).

Today's total should be 100grams protein and 13 carbs.


  1. I'm starting to get impatient for my free samples. Can you only buy them online?

  2. I think they are only available online. If you find them somewhere in the real world let me know. I'd love to skip paying shipping.


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