Wednesday, July 27, 2011

nurse on the highway

I remembered my Quest bar today. :) In fact I set it beside my lunch tote last night so that I wouldn't forget it this morning. I also remembered my meals (I didn't have breakfast within an hour of waking but chose to have it once I got to the office ... sigh, *I shouldn't allow that rule to slip but I did the same thing yesterday*

I used Restasis (dry eye remedy) this morning after I had done my eye make-up and I should know better since Restasis turns into a horrible eye-burning monster if it even touches a bit of my eye make-up. I drop in with one burning and constantly tear-filled eye. The burning and tears lasted for over an hour. Never again. Restasis will be first thing in the morning, before make-up!

On the drive in I saw someone in the middle of the highway picking up bits of what Looked like a smashed vehicle. Odd that he was in the middle of a busy highway, odd that he was in light blue scrubs. Maybe he was a hospital worker left behind to do accident cleanup? Not at all likely. Maybe he was on his way to work and it was his own vehicle that was smashed?). I didn't see a vehicle until farther down and it didn't appear to be smashed. Maybe it was one of those truck topper luggage shells? Anyway, traffic was stopped for a moment and I glimpsed what might have been someone lying in the road but it was just more debris. The guy who was dragging bits of whatever it was off of the highway looked to be finished and wasn't in distress. Traffic was packed and I drove on. There will likely be no mention of it in the news so I'll never know what happened.

Today's meals total 83 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 18 carbs

sirloin and ground sausage (24 protein)
.125 cup red beans (3 carbs) 
diced peppadew peppers (4 carbs)

Quest bar (20 protein, 4 carbs)

sirloin and ground sausage (24 protein)
.125 cup red beans (3 carbs) 
diced peppadew peppers (4 carbs)

bacon (15 protein)

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