Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm 200 today with three days before next free day. That doesn't bode well for a loss this week, but I'm often surprised. :)

I'm relying on the new Quest bars pretty heavily this week. The counts are within my limits but next week I'm going to plan ahead and pre-package my meals rather than playing things day by day. Meal photos will be back next week too ... even though they are boring I think the strict regime is beneficial to me. 

The point of these protein bars is to have a quick, no hassle and no mess way to get in 20 protein quickly and when it's inconvenient or impossible to heat up a meal at work. I am very impressed with the short and simple ingredients list.

I called to request an appointment with the neuro-ophthamologist who agreed to be my MS doc after I was first diagnosed (back in 2001). I don't know why I haven't gotten an actual neurologist ... perhaps because I don't like doctors to begin with and I'm very comfortable with the neuro-ohpthamologist ... and because she said okay when I asked if she could be my MS doc. *shrug* Her receptionist is rather cold in personality and made me feel like I should not be bothering them since my condition falls in the realm of a neurologist. Hey, if the doctor agreed to it I shouldn't worry about what the receptionist thinks. I guess. It's humiliating enough just knowing that I need to ask for medical help in the first place. I know that's just me ... I like to hide everything that is wrong with me from the outside world. *sigh* I'll leave this one rather than deleting. Sometimes I hide too much.

Meals today:

Quest bar (20g protein, 5g carbs for chocolate flavor).
Quest bar (20g protein, 6g carbs for apple flavor), 2 HN beef franks (6g protein, 1 carb).
Quest bar (20g protein, 4g carbs for berry flavor), 2 HN beef franks (6g protein, 1 carb).
Dinner: bacon (30g protein).

Today's total should be 102grams protein and 17 carbs.


  1. I hide too much too sometimes.

  2. I haven't tried the Quest bars.
    But I did have the Atkins bars....last year.
    And it was actually your blog that got me thinking....
    You said something like - '4 carbs? I doubt that.'
    Hmmm.... You have a good point.
    I quit eating them and *bam* It broke my stall!
    I love whey (or egg) protein.... Spartan as it may be -
    I know it won't make cravings or a gain!

  3. We should trade phone numbers SheZug. Then we can both let it out. :)

    Angie - I think you will love them but let me know if you try sometime.

    Anne - I should read my own blog more. It's so easy to forget lessons learned, but they are all here! I had way too many meal replacement bars yesterday and paid for it today!

  4. I reread my blog from time to time.
    I learn alot. Keeps me out of denial.
    I hope it does, at least.

    It was also your blog that got me to stop and think about chewing gum. Trident only has 1 carb... but after a whole day, and a whole pack,
    that is 20 "empty" carbs!
    Good Golly..... what was I thinking!!!

  5. OCt, do you skype? I got a skype and haven't used it yet. Gotta figure it out some more maybe.

    I'll facebook you my phone #


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