Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 I am 200 today and this is the first day back to work post staycation.

The time off to pursue our own interests was good and though it seemed to go slowly, it is now over. It seems like much more than a week's worth of experiences. We celebrated Cro's birthday, went to Fogo de Chao, visited my mom, I tackled learning WordPress (professional, not the blog stuff) and got a good handle on it, I visited friends and made some new ones. We created stuff, read lots, I soaked up lots of sun and a few bug bites –_–. On a very sad note a friend of ours took his life at a gun range Wednesday evening. We of course cancelled our plans to do some target shooting after that, it would have been nothing but sadness and our minds were having a difficult time not dwelling on it without such a stark reminder. We went to Sam's Club (maybe not exciting to speak of, but little things are exciting to me), we grilled, we napped, we enjoyed each other's company.

And now it's time to work. Vacations are supposed to be filled with relaxing and recouping I suppose. I filled mine with the need to self-educate and bolster abilities with new ones (along with some time set aside for relaxation). Embracing the unknown is a mix of great fun and great stress but the week ended with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Meals today will be chicken breast that Cro grilled, a Quest bar (5 carbs), lunch with colleagues at a local brewhouse (so it will be a plain sirloin burger without bun, without cheese, and without condiments but with a side of steamed broccoli) and for dinner 8g carbs in the form of roasted broccoli. My daily total will be roughly 60g protein and 13g carbs with 80oz water.


  1. Glad you are back!
    So sorry about your friend.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope you enjoyed your staycation.

  3. Thank you Anne. I saw your pretty little photo on SheZug's blog this morning and it made me smile to see both of you sharing a happy hug. :)

  4. Thanks SheZug. We enjoyed our staycation very much. How was your vacation and holiday?

  5. I am so ready to go back to work! Three more days of vacation though. I miss my boys.


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