Wednesday, July 6, 2011


For a brief moment last night I thought it was Wednesday. I was pleased to find MasterChef was on though. And So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight. Fun background noise as I make more progress with WordPress.

On an unrelated note, Cro was rinsing dishes to put into the dishwasher Monday night when I heard a started yell. I called it a man scream but I don't think he would appreciate that. It was a very manly startled yell. :)

The reason for the startled yell was a squirrel who was peering in the window over the kitchen sink. It's little hands were pressed to either side of it's face and it intently watched what Cro was doing. By the time I got in there with camera it had already jumped away. Funny stuff. Our house it two stories in back and one story in front (we are on a big slope). Looking out the kitchen window you would think you were on the second floor.

Meals today: Quest bar for breakfast, grilled chicken for lunch, either bacon or more roasted broccoli for dinner. Lots of water. Eating every 4 hours isn't working for my work schedule so far this week but I'm making sure that my numbers are good. Between 60-80 protein and 13 carbs or less for the day.


  1. Squirrels are so much fun. I used to have some squirrel friends in reno that would taunt Sadie.

  2. I love them. :) But I'm in love with little critters even more since getting my own little critter. So funny and cute. Buddy is taunted by the squirrels and birds outside the window AND by the little hamster safe in his habitat.


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