Friday, July 29, 2011

vroom vroom * * *

Woke up. Got ready for work. Packed my lunch. Remembered my Quest bar. Got in the Jeep. Drove down the road.

And that's where my day stopped being a normal one and became a hassle!

I hadn't even passed the house next door to mine when I noticed the Jeep was especially quiet. After turning off the radio, yep, dead silence. I coasted down the hill and that's as far as I could go. I attempted the ignition but only got the rrr-rrr-rrr sound. That's when I started to panic. People drive down my road at break-neck speeds. I've lost my mailbox 3 times due to speeders on that hill. And there I was – a sitting duck waiting to be slammed into. Eeek!!

Lucky for me a couple of guys stopped and pushed me to a safer spot off the road. Then I walked back to the house and banged on the door until Cro woke up and let me in. :) Sorry about that honey!

He drove me back to the Jeep and after a quick assessment we knew I'd have to have it towed to a shop. Yay for AAA! They came to get my Jeep and take it to a nearby shop. Both Cro and the triple A guy thought it could possibly be the fuel *something* ... which I guess isn't horribly expensive.

So, I'm working from home today which might sound nice but it has turned out to be rather stressful due to all of my files being at work.

Same meals as yesterday but I can't be bothered to take new picks (they are the same thing and same measurements though).

Oh, 197 today. Yay. The closer I get to 195, the closer I feel to the 180's and I should begin to feel 175 in my sights from there.

Today's meals total 93 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 18 carbs

sirloin & ground sausage (24 protein)
.125 cup red beans (3 carbs)
diced peppadew peppers (4 carbs)

sirloin & ground sausage (24 protein)
.125 cup red beans (3 carbs)
diced peppadew peppers (4 carbs)

Quest bar (20 protein, 4 carbs)

bacon (25 protein)

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  1. Sounds like it's the fuel something, for sure.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!


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