Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week 21 and around we go



The videos above were inspired by Jack Sh*t's comment to this post ... and by a silly iphone app called Morfo. Morfo morphs and animates whatever it is that you take a photo of (even a can of green beans) and also allows you to add sound. I'm saying the name of a fictitious new rock band called "Cruciferous Veggies". Be afraid ... lol.

199 again today with two days until the official end of week weigh-in.

I ordered 3 boxes of Quest bars (two mixed boxes of the three new flavors and one box of pb bars). They announced a new PB&J bar just after my order had shipped. It's getting great reviews but I will wait until I go through what I've ordered. These bars are some of the best I've ever had plus the list of ingredients is short, they are made without sugar alcohols and contain 20grams of protein and 5grams of carbohydrates. They also taste like warm cookies if heated in the microwave for 15seconds. You can probably tell I'm a fan. These bars are my new favorite "grab and go" meal.

Meals today will be
breakfast: 60grams of pulled pork shoulder (14 protein)
mini-lunch 1: 80grams of pulled pork shoulder (20 protein)
mini-lunch 2: Quest protein bar (20 protein, 5 carbs)
dinner: roasted broccoli (8 carbs)

Daily Total: 54 protein, 13 carbs

I think this is week 21 of doing this 4HB plan. I don't really think there is anything special to it but it has been a good opportunity to evaluate my eating and to make conscious choices rather than to allow routine and complacency to erode the good habits I've adopted over the last few years of low carb. I couldn't abandon low carb and have woven that into 4HB even though I read statements from other bloggers that 4HB is not low carb ... it's slow carb. Well, mine is low carb.

I do enjoy that this plan has made me give a second look to legumes and the types of veggies I eat. Cruciferous veggies are now my weekly go-to and I love them. :9

I'm averaging 1.2 pounds lost per week right now. If I can keep that pace I'll be happily at 175 by end of November.


  1. I don't know about the diet plan, but I do know that "Cruciferous Veggies" would be a kick-ass name for a band.

  2. I'll bet they would be a thrash metal band.

  3. Now that I have the crockpot, I want to make some pork! What seasonings do you use?

  4. He uses cayenne pepper, sea salt, black pepper and white vinegar. I think that is everything. It's very yummy! Low and slow mm mmm mmmm

  5. I know what I'm cooking Saturday!


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