Thursday, August 4, 2011

MMOve slower deadlines!

Where did the evening go? And where did the morning go? And how is it that I'm greatly looking forward to the weekend and yet hoping today and tomorrow are slow? ... slow enough that I'll have time to make great progress on a deadline that has been cut way short. Rather than wishing for the day to slow down maybe I should wish for mental quickness so that I can blast through what needs to be done with super speed and brilliance.

Diablo III beta test sign-ups opened today. Diablo III is an awesome MMO (massive muliplayer online game) that I doubt I'll have time to play much.

I just went for a "short" walk with the guys. It's not as hot as it has been and for some reason I felt invincible and wasn't limping after two blocks (which is unheard of and felt awesome). Unfortunately this meant I had to walk all that way back (which was probably only 4 blocks back, but it's like when you are swimming away from shore and don't leave enough for the return trip you are gonna drown. I didn't drown but I stopped off at the air conditioned mall on the way back and sat on a bench inside for a good bit and then limped the rest of the way back. I saw some Storm Troupers (ala Star Wars) since Gen-con is going on in Indy for the next four days. FUN! And worth taking a break in the mall to see them walk by, lol.

After I got back to my desk I was HOT! So I pulled my hair back behind my ears. Then I wondered what I would look like as an elf (Gen-con inspired again). I think my little round ears are cuter than pointy elf ears. :P Yes, I'm odd.

Another doubly busy day ahead.

Today's meals total 93 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 18 carbs

sirloin and ground sausage (24 protein)
.125 cup red beans (3 carbs) 
diced peppadew and habanero peppers (2 carbs)

Quest bar (20 protein and 4 carbs)

sirloin and ground sausage (24 protein)
.125 cup red beans (3 carbs) 
diced peppadew and habanero peppers (2 carbs)

bacon (25 protein)

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