Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm curious how my weight is going this week but I've disallowed myself to consult the scale until tomorrow morning. I suppose that is good because I'm under major stress for the rest of the week and not seeing the number I want would just add to the down feelings. 

Some weeks are more stressful than others and this is one of those weeks. Maybe it won't be as cruddy as I imagine. It's always good to just let it ride rather than assuming I know what to expect. Maybe today will be like a scary rollercoaster and I'll want to go again after the white knuckle parts are over and it has rolled to a stop.

In other news, the freelance work is doing extraordinarily well, boosts my confidence and makes me happy. :) One of my creations is about to launch. I feel like a mommy bird watching the babies fly for the first time. Nervous and proud.

Okay, time to get things done. I have a client-facing deadline tomorrow and a meeting today that will take some of my needed time. I may need to work late tonight to meet that deadline and I have a big meeting tomorrow to discuss a second attempt at pleasing a difficult client.

*update: finished the first task. :) Another one that is due Friday was dropped on me though.

Today's meals totaled 58 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 10 carbs

30g of roasted chicken (9 protein)
red beans (3 carbs)

Quest bar (20 protein and 4 carbs)

30g of roasted chicken (9 protein)
red beans (3 carbs)

bacon (20 protein)

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