Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mull it over

Yippee ... 193 today with 3 days to go before Saturday's weigh-in. I'm sure I'll at least match last week's number and and feel there is a good chance for a 1-pound loss. Oh 190's ... enjoy your stay ... your days are SO limited.

The novel that Cro and I are currently reading initiated a conversation regarding mulled wine and what exactly goes into that. Cro consulted wikipedia and listed the ingredients commonly used by several different countries to mull wine. I think Croatia was my fav. It sounded very yummy and perfect for autumn weather. :)

Since it's nearing pumpkin season I've been craving pumpkin ice cream. Although I can easily make this low-carb I still can only have it on Saturdays (no dairy on the other 6 days a week). So, I think I might mull some cream with pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and a drop of stevia. Once I have the pumpkin-flavored mixture I can either pour it over ice cream or fold it in. Yum. Carb Smart vanilla ice cream is great for this. Sprinkle on some chopped pecans and mmm mmm. Or I could forgo the pumpkin pie spice and use real pumpkin puree. Even better.

I have to interview a project manager candidate today (our current web project manager is leaving for another job). We interviewed a lady on Monday and I believe we will be interviewing a third candidate on Friday. That means many days of business-not-so-causual attire this week.

Today's meals totaled 58 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 9 carbs

30g of roasted chicken (9 protein)
broccoli (2.5 carbs)

Quest bar (20 protein and 4 carbs)

30g of roasted chicken (9 protein)
broccoli (2.5 carbs)

bacon (20 protein)


  1. What are your favorite types of Quest bars?

  2. Back to the induction levels.
    Is that doing any better for you?
    Mulled wine - my body can't take it by the glass....
    just for cooking!

  3. Angie - My fav changes but it has been the Berry Bliss flavor this week. I think the peanut butter & jelly is my true fav but they haven't released that one yet and only had the one special test-order batch. My least favorite is Vanilla Almond, but seriously I do like them all.

    Anne - I'm not a wine drinker but the book I'm reading talks about it lots ... which got me thinking about how yummy those spices would be if mixed with pumpkin flavor and then into ice cream. :) Mulled ice cream – except you can really mull ice cream – it would melt!


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