Tuesday, October 25, 2011

entry from my first blog, 01 March 2002

i was an inspired child. everything interested me. life was new and fantastic. and i felt like the master of the outdoor world. trees. climbed them. animals. befriended them. dirt. sculpted it, threw it, dug it, enjoyed it. i was a sensitive soul in a tomboy body. still am pretty much. of course, despite having 100 percent faith in my ability to do anything better than anyone else, i did a lot of stupid things.

so, a few stupid things i did as a kid.
part one.

when i was four i thought it fascinating that i could seemingly stuff an infinite amount of tiny pieces of balled up tissue into my nose. i was such a little perfectionist in tearing the tissues into precise thumbprint-sized pieces, rolling them into perfectly round balls, and stuffing them one after the other up my nose. i did this until i ran out of the large quantity of tissue i was left alone with (at which point the experiment lost its charm and i wanted the tissue back out of my nose ... NOW!). my genius scientific theorist face then, quite suddenly, slipped off and revealed my "oh my god what have i done?" face. crying ensued. mother came running. and i made my very first trip to the emergency room.


  1. :) And I don't even have tissue stuffed in my nose anymore.

  2. My brother once put beans up his nose.
    Very popular past-time back in the day.
    I myself stuck my finger in the electrical socket.
    I think I even used a fork. Ah... the follies of youth!

  3. Anne - beans! I'm glad I wasn't near a bowl of beans when I came up with the "how much will fit in there?" idea. :) electrical socket and a fork? Sounds like a cartoon. Glad we both lived through childhood!


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