Thursday, October 6, 2011

on a roll

... on a meat and veggy roll anyway. ;) The scale says I'm 188 today! That means I've lost my hoped-for pound and it's only Thursday morning (two weigh days before the official one).

Survivor was enjoyable as usual but I really don't know who to side with yet ... no one is standing out that much. I'm at a very interesting chapter of the novel that both Cro and I are reading (he on audio book and me on Kindle). He tells me that something significant happens at the end of this chapter so I'm excited to read more tonight (I would be excited to read more anyway … it's that good).

Bummer news for yesterday was that Steve Jobs (one of the founders of Apple computer) passed away. I think he had pancreatic cancer. I know he was very sick for a long while but no one (at least not that I know of) expected him to die this soon. He was only in his mid-50s. :( He did arrange for someone else to take over Apple a year or so ago and I'm sure the team will carry on with great things as always. They have a great legacy to continue. The other founder (who has not been involved with Apple for a great while) is still alive. For  some reason that makes me feel comforted. Odd that I'm so invested emotionally to a brand of computer.

I saw the above ebay snippet on facebook and if I'd been having a sip of water I would have sprayed my keyboard.

Today's meals totaled 58 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 9 carbs

30g of roasted chicken (9 protein)
broccoli (2.5 carbs)

Quest bar (20 protein and 4 carbs)

30g of roasted chicken (9 protein)
broccoli (2.5 carbs)

bacon (20 protein)

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