Friday, October 28, 2011

staycation - all I ever wanted. staycation - don't have to get away

The scale said 185.2 this morning. I don't usually mention the fractions but what the hey, it was 185.8 yesterday. :) I'm still going strong with the weekly loss and that is fantastic! I may have this whole metabolism thing under control. What is this now, the 36th week? If I'm still losing consistently after doing this for 8ish months, I'd say it is a legitimate way of eating. I know it wouldn't work for everyone, but all that matters is that I've found something that is still working for me.

I'm only 10 pounds away from when I felt awesome. And I'm starting to feel awesome again. Or maybe it is that I am over-the-top-happy about vacation next week.

I have staycation brain today. That giddy feeling of knowing that I have next week off work with Cro! My freelance client wanted to meet Monday. Sure. Then he changed his mind and asked about Saturday. I have to say sorry not that day but any other. Although Monday is my birthday (which I didn't mention to them) I'd rather have my freeday completely free of clients.

To the right are several photos of me today. Although I'm still well-padded, I'm becoming more comfortable with me. I'm even wearing a pair of jeans that were not comfortable a few weeks ago. What a difference a few pounds makes.

Cro and I have been watching American Horror Story on FX and I am SO into it. If any of you remember the character Sylar (Zachary Quinto) from Heroes, he has a roll in AHS as a ghost who killed his boyfriend who killed him. This guy is such a GREAT actor. He doesn't show up until the Halloween episode (episode 4 I think) but with this series, the dead can be expected to make multiple appearances. I hope to see him in a future episode. There is also an actress who has downs syndrome who I've grown to admire greatly. Her character was recently killed, but there is a long storyline ahead for her I'm sure… she's very much one of the main players.

Oh Angie. The shirts are another pair from that Old Navy buy. They weren't meant to go together but I'm liking the layered effect these lightweight shirts can give. Thanks so much for sharing where you got the striped one!

Today's meals totaled 58 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 9 carbs

30g of roasted chicken (9 protein)
broccoli (2.5 carbs)

Quest bar (20 protein and 4 carbs)

30g of roasted chicken (9 protein)
broccoli (2.5 carbs)

bacon (20 protein)


  1. Can't seem to get my mind offa Ewe!
    Back here at home with nuttin to do -
    Now that I'm away - I wish I'd stayed!
    So you did good! Eatin' your Quest bar!


  2. I left a comment, but maybe you didnt approve it yet... I was just saying how skinny you are getting!!! Love my ON shirts too... They are perfection for layering.

  3. There was a young lady named Anne
    who fried bacon up in a pan.
    She doesn't eat sugars (it's nasty like boogers!)
    But eats well despite that one ban.

    My verse could be worse. :P

  4. Angie- I think that comment was posted to the post before this one. I think (now I'll go look for it but I "think" I replied). Anyway, thank you! I love the ON shirts too. I think it's because they are so light that they layer well.They are also very very soft!

  5. You look really great and very pretty. Enjoy your stay-cation! And Happy Birthday!

  6. Thank you Grace. Staycation begins in 19 minutes!

  7. Ahh! This is the only time I wish I hadn't read your blog! I've got that episode waiting for me watch, but I haven't yet! Spoiled!

    I'm actually not too into the show yet, it's still a little... trite & forced, and the writing is... kinda crappy. But I think I am gonna like it as it develops a bit more!

    Enjoy your time off, and your BIRTHDAY!!

  8. Oh no! I'm sorry about the spoiler! I'll try to remember to preface things like that in future. I had thought the daughter was another one of the walking dead for the first three episodes, so it was a surprise as well as setting things into place when she was killed. Now I'm sure she WILL be one of the ghost people (but that is my own guess and not confirmed).

    Thanks for the birthday wish. It had been wonderful so far and not even here yet. :)


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