Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 35 begins

I mowed the lawn for probably the last time for the year and though I enjoyed it greatly it was also a bit bittersweet because I know the cold weather will soon be here. I think it's supposed to the a very hard winter for Indiana this year too.

Meals today were 33grams of spanish peanuts. I don't remember the counts but I do know I counted them last Sunday and the protein and carbs were acceptable for breakfast. For lunch I had bacon and for the last two 4-hour apart meals I had roasted chicken breast and broccoli.

Next freeday I'll be attending a food tasting for the new restaurant I'm currently designing a website for. The print designer will also be there and Cro has agreed to accompany me even though he's not a huge fan of Indian food. Maybe he hasn't met the right dishes yet.

Matt didn't get me the film fest information so I'll probably be creating that site next weekend too. It seems like I have the weekend spent before it even gets here.

This week's meals will be chicken and broccoli. I've already grilled, packaged and stacked it all in the fridge.


  1. Fall weather is showing up here too, I can't wait to see what fall in Vegas is like.

  2. I'll bet it is gorgeous. All the more so because it will be new!


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