Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 36 begins

We watched the funniest movie yesterday. Bridesmaids! I avoided this one for a long while thinking it was going to be bad. It wasn't bad. I think I'd actually put it in my top 10 for the year.

Critter took an unexpected adventure to the carpet and under the futon yesterday when he decided he was going to leave the "elevator" before the ride deposited him back into his freshly cleaned habitat. The elevator is what I call his little hamster hut when I turn it upside-down and use it to give him a ride from the habitat to a box. He's very used to this ride and doesn't hesitate to climb aboard.

I think I was more freaked out than Critter was. He didn't go far and spent most of the adventure peeking at me from behind one of the futon legs. When coaxing him to get back into his elevator didn't work I the box on its side and he climbed right in. I was a bit shaken up so asked Cro if he could get him from the box back into his habitat. All is well and I was impressed with how unafraid Critter was and how he didn't stray far from my voice. :) I have no idea where Buddy Cat was during this incident. Probably curled up and asleep somewhere.

We went to my freelance client's menu tasting last night and I was so impressed. It was fun to see my client talking about his menu and giving the history and tradition of each dish. He is Indian and though Cro told me he doesn't care for Indian food he said afterward that he is converted. This was the best Indian food that either of us have had the opportunity to eat. My client's mother was even in the kitchen helping (which was so fun to see since many of the recipe's were her own). He had two other chef friends there to help and my friend Brian who is doing all of the print creative. Brian's friend who is a photographer was there earlier to do the photo shoot. The website is due to launch by the end of October.

Matt is finished with the film fest schedule and says he will have everything ready for me to do that website next weekend. It's going to be a busy rest of the month for me. And then a week of vacation! I don't think we are going anywhere but it will be great to have a week off work together.

Meals this week will be chicken and broccoli again. Why mess with a good thing if I'm not tired of it. Oop, correction. It will be chicken and cauliflower since the grocery I visited was out of broccoli!


  1. Critter has had an adventure of a lifetime.. does Buddy watch him at all?

  2. Oh yes, sometimes Buddy Cat climbs up to stand on Cro's desk and sits there with tail twitching as he stares at Critter. He also follows me and stands under Critter's house in the morning when I give his treat and a few pats.

  3. Chicken and collie-flower!
    Needs some color to jazz it up!
    Hmmm.... White cheese?
    Served on a white plate.

  4. Overbrowning it adds color :P It's not burned I says.


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