Sunday, November 27, 2011

Floundering (week 42 begins)

So why not try for a perfect week rather than allowing myself to flounder in the aftermath of birthday and holiday compromises? Or maybe floundering in a perfect week is what is on the menu. Flounder… such a funny word and tasty fish (I hope). I think baked with a dusting of cayenne pepper will be quite tasty.

I have had a serious stomach ache for the past two days. It subsided for most of yesterday but was back again by afternoon. Cro wondered if it might be my lactose intolerance. Maybe but I'm just not sure. I did have a few things out of the norm during my six strict days this week. The yummy chicken, sausage, mushroom casserole included lots of cheese. I also ate one of cro's delicious cheese and sausage balls for breakfast. This makes no sense since I always have cheese on freeday though ( and haven't suffered stomach aches). It's a mystery and I'll leave it at that. No loss this week either. :(

A perfect week of flounder should make this one a success.

>< )>

Today's meals total 60 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 4 carbs

4oz flounder [20g protein]
cauliflower [2g carb]

Quest bar [20g protein][4g carbs]

4oz flounder [20 protein][
cauliflower [2g carb]

Bacon [20g protein]


  1. Cheddar Cheese has about 300 mg Lactose per 1 cup.
    Vs almost 14,000 mg per one cup of whole milk.
    Aged cheeses have almost no lactose.
    Some people can handle cheese (same with whey protein)
    even if they are Lactose intolerant. SOME!

    Lactose (ose) is Milk Sugar!

    And wow - on the Flounder!
    Try not to think about Dory! *wink*

  2. you and anne had me in fish envy... that is until yesterday when I opened the ice chest that hadn't been used in 2 months.......

  3. Anne - who knows what it was. I feel better today though. No cheese until Saturday !

    SheZud - I saw you Facebook post telling HeZug to wash it out after next time :)


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