Friday, November 25, 2011

Non-tradition Thanksgiving meal

Happy Thanksging to all of my blogging friends.

Cro and I shared a very non- traditional holiday but are roasting a day-after turkey-day turkey today. Yesterday's meals consisted of baked catfish and brussels sprouts. I also made that chicken, sausage and mushroom casserole (link posted yesterday). It was SO delicious.

I didn't eat all of my mini meals yesterday (which still seems like a good idea to lose weight but it isn't and I know better). Hopefully it didn't slow my tricky metabolism but who knows. I'm making a point to eat them all today. Who would have ever thought that not eating would be more appealing to me than eating a pre-planned simple meal. I guess taking all of the guesswork out of my meals makes them a bit boring. Boring works though! And tomorrow is freeday and date lunch with Cro. Never boring.

My poor Buddy cat got a bath today. He was so amazingly good… not freaked out and didn't struggle much. He even hopped onto the towel I set out to dry him after. The bath was needed because he just doesn't do a good job keeping his back free of knotted fur. I suppose he finds it harder to reach and he isn't as flexible as he used to be.


  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your Tday meal and I also made that super - yummy casserole... Didn't it taste a lot like stuffing?

  2. It is so good that I'm already planning to make it for Christmas dinner. And I only tried it because you blogged about how good it is. Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Cute kitty in the tub! And dinner dinner winner dinner!


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