Sunday, November 20, 2011

Piso mojado (oh, and week 41 begins)

Twilight with Matt was super fun. We both had to roll our eyes and laugh at one point when the wolves were having a debate though. I won't spoil it for those who haven't yet seen it but you'll know what I mean when you do. I was worried that Matt would be bored since he didn't care for the second and third movies but he said he liked this one lots.

I had a piso mojado when I didn't realize there was a step down as I was leaving the theater in the dark of the ending credits. I yelled out as I found myself hurdling toward a fall. All I can say is that I wasn't embarrassed when a guy stepped forward to catch my fall and I certainly would have been mortified with embarrassment a few extra pounds ago.

Matt gifted me with several Edward Gorey books, a mini decorative Edward Gorey lunch box and a super cool Hatch Show Print book. What a sweet friend!

Today I will attemp to cook catfish lightly breaded in flaxseed meal. I had grilled tilapia for my free day lunch yesterday. I also had free day worthy items during the day though. ;)

Ooh… it's a three day work week coming up! Though those three days are going to be super busy. This SSRI is helping greatly in normalizing how I handle stress and putting a damper on all that anxiety I used to experience. I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor this Friday.

I ordered more clothes from Old Navy and thought I would try a pair of low-rise skinny mini flair jeans even though I have a fear of low-rise jeans. (I like mid rise for jiggle prevention. Well, the low-rise jeans from Old Navy weren't low on me… they were well over my belly button. That and super too big. I ordered 16s but they sent size 18. I think I actually need 14s though. Too bad I can't just return them to the local store. I'll likely have to go through the hassle of shipping them back before they will correct the order.

I'll post my meals later after I have them figured out. I'm pretty sure it will be fish and Brussels sprouts.


  1. As soon as I saw "piso mojado" I knew it was going to be a Matt story! sure glad someone caught you. I want to see the new Twilight movie, but I plan on waiting a bit to see it so the rush dies down a bit. I'm thinking about re-reading the books too.

  2. SheZug - It's cool that you remember "piso mojado" is a Matt inside joke. The theatre was packed but very well behaved. It was funny that they even gave a big round of applause at the opening when "Breaking Dawn" displayed on the screen. I thought that was funny but fun. The books are certainly much richer than the movie, but after having anticipated it for so long I think my hopes were higher than the movie could have reached. I enjoyed it lots, but enjoyed the book more.


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