Tuesday, November 29, 2011

smells fishy

After soaking the flounder in lemon juice for a couple of hours I pan seared it. Just the smell made my stomach do flops and so no, I don't think I'll be finishing the flounder. :( It's leftover Thanksgiving turkey today even though it has much more n-6 than n-3. It doesn't give my stomach flops though, which is good. And I know I can lose weight with poultry, which is also good. After those two days of terrible stomach cramping I don't want to risk it.

I doubled my intake of fish oil so maybe that will help with the omega-3 a bit. *sigh* 

I feel like I'm letting Anne down. The catfish didn't bother me so I'll pick up more of that next time I'm at the grocery.

Oh! 182 today which was a total happy surprise. I woke up thinking I shouldn't weigh until tomorrow but curiosity got the best of me. I was hoping for 184 since that would put me on track for a loss this week. With 182 today I'm sure of a loss.

Oh again! I also just remembered that a huge tree from my neighbor's yard fell into our yard. It's the tree that was struck by lightening last summer. I forgot to even look for it this morning but since I leave for work and get home from work when it's pitch dark and it has been raining yesterday and today it was easy to miss (even though it's HUGE). I only know about it because Cro has eagle eyes and noticed last night.

>< )>

Today's meals total 76 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 8 carbs

60g roast turkey breast [18g protein]
cauliflower [2g carb]

Quest bar [20g protein][4g carbs]

60g roast turkey breast [18g protein]
cauliflower [2g carb]

Bacon [20g protein]


  1. I can't believe that I haven't had any turkey yet. I might have to head to the store and find one.

  2. You so silly!
    You are 100% fine every minute of everyday!
    Catfish- or carbs!
    You are one of my blogging Heros!

  3. SheZug - does your turk like turkey? Cro told me that turkeys are called "turkey" because the Brits loaded them off the import ship thinking the birds were from Turkey. He also said that in Turkey, turkey were called "Hendies" because the Turks thought the birds originated in India. I think Cro is pulling my leg.

    Anne - yay. :) You still <3 me, fish or no fish. Catfish is good though, just not that frozen flounder. ew

  4. Yuk to the yuk to the nyuck nyuck nyuck!
    Aptly named!

  5. You know that you are not letting anybody down, silly girl... You are such an uplifting member of our blogging family and don't you dare forget it! We appreciate your honesty and nobody likes fishy fish...

    Ang picked up some tilapia the other day and I will have to make it soon. I know it's not the greatest in the omega 3 category, but I always feel super healthy eating any variety of fish. Moving toward progress, not perfection, right?

  6. Angie - <3 our blog family. Thanks for the encouraging words. You are right, progress trumps perfection. If we were perfect what would we work on? I do feel like I'm. Doing good things when I have fish … just no more stinky stinky flounder! Tilapia is yum.

  7. :) I know that in Turkey they are not called anything near a turkey in English and Turks hate hate hate the fact that the American version of the country Turkey is spelled and pronouced like the bird. The Turkish version of their name sounds more like Turk-eye-yeah... sorta, it's hard to type it. They are pretty good natured when I ask them how they can eat turkey since it could be considered canabalism. ... for the most part. Can you see the video of HeZug on my facebook? A friend posted it, he's hacking at a deep fried turkey.

  8. p.S. i'm with Angela... no body lieks fishy fish


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