Friday, November 4, 2011

Time flies

Last day of staycation. The weekend is still to come though. I'm still 185 this morning but the official weigh-in isn't until tomorrow so I'll hold out hope for a loss.

I was successful in the salon walk-in. A new cute do is the result. My normal guy is now a medical assistant and doesn't have time for hair. The new girl did an excellent job. I'd post a pic but I'm blogging in the dark and from bed. The do is likely more tossled than photogenic.

Matt is overloaded with work so we are going to put the birthday celebration off until things settle down a bit. I think Cro has designs on yard work or organizing the basement if it's raining.

Meals today will be the same as yesterday. And tomorrow is freeday. It's Cro's turn to choose the place for our date lunch and he has chosen Thr3e Wise Men. Another client. You must think that I only work with restaurants but nope. I have designed several university sites, retail, tourism, hospitals, manufacturing companies, you name it. Everyone needs a web presence anymore.

I remember when there was no Internet. It really wasn't THAT long ago. Time flies though, I guess it WAS a good while. I was a kid. And now I'm not :p


  1. I need a staycation after my vacation... hope you had a nice, restful break from your stress-filled job.

  2. staycation after vacation? *kicks self* Why didn't I think of that? hehe


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