Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Matt is taking me to see Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt1 this Friday after work as a belated birthday celebration! I really didn't think he liked Twilight but if he doesn't that makes the fact that he wants to see it with me for my birthday even more special.

I'm still 184 this morning and the scale is behaving. I'm right where I should be to either match or beat last week's weight by Saturday. Another 1 pound loss would be cool with me!

Next week is a short work week but promises to be super super busy. I don't tend to overly stress about things anymore (thanks to the SSRI) so I'll just take it as it comes.

Has anyone else started Christmas shopping yet? I've only started on gifts for Cro so far. I still have mom, sister, Matt and Kon to buy for. 

Along with a Christmas gift I plan to make a copy of the voice recording I have of dad for my sister. She is sad because she can no longer remember his voice. Cro rigged up a sensitive microphone that was able to pick up sound from the cell phone if held up to the ear piece. I think we'll need to try again because what we were able to get is a little weak. It's not bad but I'm sure we can do better. After Cro bought me an iPhone I took the advice to keep the old cell safely at home where I don't have to worry about it being damaged or stolen.

Anne has me thinking about omega 3 fatty acids and how to increase them while decreasing omega 6. I started reading this article but am saving it for later since it seems like there might be some good info.

Saving this link for Whole Foods so I can go fish shopping.

Today's meals total 80 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 6 carbs

Chicken breast [20g protein]
2 Brussels sprouts [1g carb]

Quest bar [20g protein][4g carbs]

Chicken breast [20g protein]
2 Brussels sprouts [1g carb]

Bacon [20g protein]

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