Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 39 begins

It's the last day of relaxation and tomorrow it's back to the reality of the working world. It was nice to pretend a life of leisure was ours for a little while.

Christmas will be here in no time! Cro and I are thinking about doing a combined gift thing this year rather than individual surprises. Maybe new wood flooring to replace a couple of the carpeted rooms in our house or a Savannah kitten or a destination to experience together. This is going to require some thought from each of us.

Meals this week are going to be chicken and something. Probably broccoli.


  1. Im kinda sads it's back to life back to reality, errr, work too :)


  2. SheZug - my ideas are probably about 10 times more than I will actually spend. Frugal Frannie is nagging me again.

    carla - ah well. reality isn't so bad.


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