Tuesday, December 13, 2011

cat got my tongue

Is it really only Tuesday? I guess so.

Something completely different (sort of) for meals the rest of the week. lean ground beef mixed with green beans. Why green beans? I thought I had a can of organic black beans in the cupboard, but I was wrong. I did have green beans though. Low carb and yummy.

Woe, I almost started typing about what I got Cro for our 6th anniversary. Since he reads my blog that would have been a cat-out-of-the-bag moment. I'll talk about it after the first of the new year. Keeping secrets is difficult when you are so anxious to see if they like it. :P

I guess we aren't having a carry-in party Thursday so there goes my plan to make Angie's strawberry cake. I could make it anyway but with this restrictive 6-days I should wait until a freeday to try it since there is no carry-in.

I plan to go to PetSmart tonight to buy a new kitty carrier for Buddy. Does anyone have experience with the soft carriers? They look appealing but maybe I should get the normal plastic type. Then there is the top load kind that is supposed to be less stressful to get them to go in. I dunno. I'll choose when I get there.

Today's meals total 80 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 6 carbs

Laura's lean ground beef [20g protein]
green beans [1 carb]

Quest bar [20g protein][4g carbs]

Laura's lean ground beef [20g protein]
green beans [1 carb]

Bacon [20g protein]


  1. I love green beans. I count them as a veggie, not so much a legume. And not alot of starch. Did you ever think of potatoes for your slow starch? Some of the sweets have super counts!

  2. I think of them as veggies too and totally forgot that they aren't. I used to have sweet potatoes once in awhile but not since I started this 6-day thing (unless it's free day).

  3. I got Miss DrivingMeCrazySadie a new carrier before the big move. Vet gave her recommendations and also at the pet store I got some good advice. I got her a hard plastic carrier that opens on the front and has a top load. She likes loading up from the top and exiting from the front. I also bought a nice bed for the inside and applied liberal amounts of catnip. I keep it in the dining room and she sleeps in it sometimes. If you go to my facebook, photos, (all) videos, I have two videos that show the crate.

  4. I went to PetSmart before I read your post, SheZug, but I did get one with both top and front door. I left it open for him to explore and he seems to approve. I like the idea of putting a bed inside. The one I bought is soft sided and has a soft furry floor.


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