Monday, December 5, 2011

reality sucks - Week 43

I decided to adjust my home scale to match what the scale at my recent doctor's visit said. So in a way that leaves me a bit down in the dumps, but in another way it's a "take one for the team" situation. If I adjust it now I will feel like it's more accurate moving forward. Inaccurate scales frustrate me but I'd rather trust the one at the doctor's office to be correct than my home model.

Anyway, that means I've reset it to give me a 5 pound gain.

My blood pressure was a teeny bit high according to the doctor so I told him I'd like to address this on my own by incorporating more n-3 and less n-6. He gave me a troubled look and said "oh no" as if that isn't something he would recommend. I explained that I mean in a dietary manner. More fish and less chicken for example. He asked if I meant by taking supplements. I said no, I mean by my diet, though I do take supplements as well. He finally understood that I meant more omega-3 foods and less omega-6 foods. Haha. I guess a doctor thinks more in terms of medication than diet. I told him that I don't like taking medications and if it is something that can be handled through what I eat (and don't eat) I'd rather do that.

After he understood he was in total agreement. He said that my blood pressure isn't high enough that he would have suggested blood pressure medication anyway.

So my new reality is that I have 15 pounds to meet my 50 pound goal rather than 10. I'm happy that I reset the scale though. It doesn't change how my jeans are fitting. ;)

Today's meals total 82 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 4 carbs

tuna [21g protein]

Quest bar [20g protein][4g carbs]

tuna [21g protein]

Bacon [20g protein]

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  1. DUDE - the same thing happened to me.
    So I threw out that lying dog scale.
    Onward and downward! That's what counts.


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