Friday, December 9, 2011


To illustrate how freaking busy it is just before the holiday, this is the top portion of my email list (pic). All of those labels are necessary for me to keep track of everything that is moving through right now. All of the red stars are urgent. The violet question marks indicate things that I've designed and are in review (so could pop up as urgent again as the team of 3-6 people make revision requests on an individual basis). The blue stars are important but can wait until the urgent things are taken care of. The "design" labels indicate a project that has work ready to be done.

I'm a master of threaded Google emails. :P Lots of people hate the threaded style (reply emails are nested under the starter email rather than having their own line). I like it because it shortens the list and keeps things tidy with the help of labels.

Friday!!!!!!!!!! Loads to do but I get a breather from it tomorrow.

And speaking of threads. I might stop in to Old Navy this weekend to round off my Christmas shopping (and maybe get a new pair of jeans for myself).

Cro let me know last night that his work isn't giving any holiday day off for New Years and only one for Christmas since both holidays land on weekends. That truly sucks. I get both the Friday before and the Monday after Christmas as holidays as well as Monday Jan 2nd.

Today's meals total 80 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 7 carbs

bacon [20g protein]

Quest bar [20g protein][4g carbs]

cat fish [20g protein]
cauliflower [3g carbs]

Bacon [20g protein]


  1. I'm still not caught up from vacation (a month ago) and the year just keeps going by in a blur.

    And btw... I did get the new iPhone 4s (Siri's already called me a "dumbass" a dozen times... grrrr)

  2. Anne - it's going great so far. How about yours?

    Jack - ouch, that sucks. I guess you didn't set up that tracking dealy on icloud? If so at least you could see that it's still sitting somewhere in italy. An odd aside. When I was in high school I dated a guy who liked to come up with acronyms. ITALY stood for "I'll truly always love you." I guess you can change that one to "I'll truly alway lose you."


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