Sunday, December 18, 2011


Buddy cat's vet adventure began with us putting him in the new carrier. He went in easy as can be but as Cro transported him downstairs I heard "oh no, he's throwing up". He was stressed and calling out with worry before even getting out the door. Thankfully the vet is less than 2miles from our house so the journey was a short one.

They gave us access to the examination room almost immediately so we opened the carrier top and reassured him while we waited. When the vet assistant entered the room he gave a big warning hiss and began growling. :( That is so out of character for my loving kitty. He acted so scared and threatened.

She took his temp, weighed him (9.6) and listened to his heart before telling us the vet would be in soon and taking her leave. I was surprised at his weight. I thought he was much heavier than that.

The vet came in and Buddy greeted her with another big hiss and growls. He tried to duck under my arm and hide. The vet looked at his lip and listened to his heart (which was racing). She then gave us options: we could allow him to be sedated and a biopsy taken of his lip by needle, we could schedule surgery to have the lump removed and a biopsy be done of the entire mass after removal, or we could take him home and keep close watch, bringing him back to have surgery if the lump becomes larger.

We decided to take him home and keep watch. It doesn't hurt him, evidencd by him petting harder into my hand when I touch it. I'd rather not put him through the stress of surgery and recovery if it's benign and doesn't grow larger.

It's upsetting to both of us to have seen him so stressed. We are going to take a photo every week to compare in addition to observing. I hope it doesn't change but at first sign that it is we will schedule surgery. In the meantime I plan to post photos to kitty health boards, hoping that someone else has seen this type of thing

Oh, and the vet said she was hoping that it might be something known as "rodent ulcer" but that isn't it. That would have been easy to treat.


  1. I feel for you. Buster hates to go to the vet too, and I always feel guilty when he excitedly gets in the car to "go for a ride!!!" When we get to the vet, he always looks at me like "how could you?"

    I agree with what you have decided to can always have the surgery later. In the meantime, if it is not bothering him, I'd just keep an eye on the lump.

    BTW, I forgot to thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I'm feeling better today...

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better. Yes, seeing our babies suffer is hard on us too!

  3. Dear Buddy Cat,

    You have dreamy emerald green eyes. If I was there I'd give you a bath and snuggle with you to make you feel safe.

    Sadie Cat


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