Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week 46 begins

This is a strange week in that today is Christmas and I only just now realized that I need to update my blog. Next weekend is Cro and my 6th wedding anniversary and we are going to Morton's Steakhouse for our celebration dinner. Cro was gifted with a $100 gift certificate to Morton's from one of the sales reps that he manages. Very nice.

We both have tomorrow off work as part of the Christmas holiday. We visited my mom and sister for an early Christmas yesterday and saved our personal exchange of gifts for today. We gave mom a digital photo printer which she seems to love and a vegetable steamer which she is very excited about. My sister received clothes, books and things for her new cat. I think her fav was a movie monsters book that Cro picked out. It was nice to spend some time with them and to hear mom exclaim how great I look when she first saw me.

From Cro I have a new activity monitor to play with along with a new webcam for my home desktop, a Jot Pro stylus for the ipad and a gorgeous leather shoulder bag that will hold everything that I normally carry in my purse along with my ipad and iphone.

I got Cro a balisong knife, a tactical pen and a Drone remote controlled flying thing that is controlled from his iphone or ipad.

Gifts aside it is very nice to have an extra day off work with my guy. :) I hope you each had a nice celebration.

…and I'm feeling better after the unwelcomed strep throat. :P Strep hurts!

Today's meals total 80 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and _carbs

Sausage [20 protein]

Strawberry Quest bar [20 protein][2 carbs]

Sausage [20 protein]

Sausage [20 protein]

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