Wednesday, December 14, 2011

when life gives you lemons (yum)

I got this pet carrier for Buddy. It's the large size, top and front load, soft fuzzy flooring and nice carrying handles. He seems to like it though I haven't made the move to carry him in it yet. I just left it open in the living room for him to investigate.

I also got him some neck bling. A little black collar with a jingle bell. I thought it would drive him mad but he doesn't mind at all. It's fun to hear him jingle everywhere he goes but after the vet visit I won't make him wear it. This is mainly for safety. I don't expect him to bolt, but better to be prepared. Vet offices can be loud and scary to kitties. Especially when the doctor starts poking.

Nothing new for meals today (same as yesterday). Though I did order some new flavors of Quest bars. They aren't here yet but I'm looking forward to trying the lemon! I think I'm lemon-crazy. I especially love a squeeze of lemon over calamari.

Today's meals total 80 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 6 carbs

Laura's lean ground beef [20g protein]
green beans [1 carb]

Quest bar [20g protein][4g carbs]

Laura's lean ground beef [20g protein]
green beans [1 carb]

Bacon [20g protein]


  1. I put my kitties in the carrier just for fun... all around the house. And we went for rides, too. All around town. So they loved the Jeep (at the time) and they loved the carrier. And later, they LOVED the VET!

  2. Here I am reading your posts in reverse order. Now I see that you've ordered some new flavors of the Quest bars. I look forward to hearing your opinion.

  3. Lemon squeezes and kitty kisses to all of you. :) I'll definitely post about how Buddy does in the carrier and at the vet (so fun that you took them for rides in the Jeep, Anne. I think my Quest bars will be here in time for me to have one of the new ones this weekend, Grace. I'll probably try the lemon first of course (I got the variety pack to try all of them).


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