Tuesday, January 17, 2012


There was a thunderstorm this morning complete with cloud-to-cloud lightening. Very beautiful and unseasonal. It's supposed to be 55℉ today. No wonder we had a thunderstorm. It's springtime in January. I wonder if it will hold out for the SuperBowl.

Loads of work still to do though I did get more done than expected during yesterday's blessed quiet. When I walked into the office this morning I made a mental note to enjoy the early morning because it promises to be a noisy day.

*Oh no. Here comes someone now.*

My food truck freelance website client is having their debut Friday evening so I'll have to start freeday a few hours early and buy a Spice Wrap or something. I'm excited to see the newly painted and decal'd truck and hope they get a big showing for their grande opening. Can a food truck have a grande opening? Maybe a grande opening of the serving window.

No burned steak-burger today so I expect to be a little hungry. I can always get a bunless burger and broccoli from the brewhouse next door if I need a protein pick-me-up later.

*update: Matt is ready to go on another site that I'll be designing pro-bono. I agreed to this a couple of months ago in hopes that good things will come of it. The plan is to have it live by Valentine's day. I know what I'll be doing for the next four weekends. lol
Today's meals total 60 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 12 carbs
  • sausage meatballs and broccoli, cauliflower [10 protein][5 carbs]
  • Quest bar [20 protein][2 carbs]
  • sausage meatballs and broccoli, cauliflower [10 protein][5 carbs]
  • bacon [20 protein]

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