Friday, January 20, 2012

cinnamon rolls are bad, mmm-kay

It's very quiet in blogland. Maybe I've bored you all away. Maybe you have been kidnapped. Maybe aliens.

I had a semi-bad dream last night. It was long and vivid and boring for the most part. I was offering freelance coding work to a lady who owned a car wash. She wanted things done that were over my head but I faced the challenge without fear and it turned out well. After being paid she gave me instruction to stop by a certain fast food place and pay them for a meal she bought on credit. (lol) So I did and the manager was so happy that someone was honest enough to come back and pay the debt that he discounted the cost and gave me free cinnamon rolls to go. It must have been my freeday.

The semi-bad part of the dream was when I was carrying the big box of cinnamon rolls home. They were heavy and awkward. Cro was with me and we had to climb down a mine shaft to get out and go home. I asked him to go first so I could hand the box to him before I followed. He dove into the shaft head first and I heard him fall and hit the ground hard. The dream was only semi-bad because when I looked into the pit he was standing at the bottom… alive but shaken up. He looked up and said to drop the box for him to catch. When I dropped it, the corner of the  heavy box hit him above the eye. :( He was still okay but blood ran down the side of his face from a cut eyebrow. It looked like my eyebrow had looked after I fell down the stairs (but before my eye swelled shut and before the black eye appeared).

Moral of the semi-bad dream: a big box of cinnamon rolls is dangerous. Well I already knew that.

In other news. Tonight at my client's food truck debut should be fun. A local brewery is also in on the event… and a live band. The weather is supposed to be utter crap (sleet, snow, cold) which doesn't bode well for most food truck sales I'd think. This one is getting outdoor heaters so the space around the truck will be warm for people to purchase food and eat.  I can't wait to experience what that will be like. Heaters are a great idea since they will be a popular area for Superbowl week if people can warm-up and be more comfortable.

Today's meals total 60 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 12 carbs
  • sausage meatballs and broccoli, cauliflower [10 protein][5 carbs]
  • Quest bar [20 protein][2 carbs]
  • sausage meatballs and broccoli, cauliflower [10 protein][5 carbs]
  • bacon [20 protein]


    1. Cinnamon rolls aren't dangerous, silly. Well, I suppose they are if you eat them...

    2. Just like Lucky Charms cereal they are dangerously delicious… or magically malicious… something like that.

    3. Have fun with the food truck! Food trucks are pretty popular here in Vegas too, I see them usually close to bars and gas stations when I go into work.

      I had a dream about you last night. In my dream you and Cro came to live here and you invited me to go to your house for supper. When I got there I saw Cro just like in that picture you posted of his back a long time ago. When he turned around it was actually a guy that works for me! (who looks nothing like the real Cro from the back) I asked him what he was doing there and he said he was Cro. I said no, your Rob and he laughed and said no, Cro is my nickname. Next thing I know you were right beside him laughing tell me I'm crazy.
      When I saw Rob at work, I got a case of the giggles over the dream. I didn't tell him about the dream, that would be weird.

    4. Too fun. I'll have to tell Cro about your dream. ^ _^


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