Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mmmmmmmmm! Chili

I made chili this morning after reading helpful no- tomato recipes online and reading SheZug's recipe and going by instinct too, which is often not successful when it comes to cooking. Omgoooooodness it is the best chili I've ever made I can't wait for Cro to try some tonight though it might be a little too hot (spicy) for his liking.

Here's what I added before I forget. I didn't measure anything so the spices are just a generous sprinkling, whatever that means. Use your own judgement if you make this because I sprinkled according to what I thought might be good. And it was!

- first I sauted 10 diced peppadew peppers in about a tablespoon of olive oil
- then I sprinkled some red pepper flakes on top and continued to sauté
- next I added a few bits of frozen cauliflower on top and sauted while stirring until they were soft enough to break up and mix with the peppers
- a pound of prime ground sirloin joined the sauté party along with a sprinkle of sea salt, onion powder, real minced garlic (about a teaspoon or so), a dash of garlic powder too, cumin, a healthy sprinkling all over of oregano, black pepper, and I think that was it
- next I added a pound of Tennessee Pride hot ground sausage and mixed that all together while it browned
- lastly I added a can of organic pinto beans and gave the whole thing an even sprinkling of cayenne pepper and a quarter package of hot chili spice (the premixed package kind). I'm sure it would still taste great without the beans but I'm doing a slow-carb — low carb strict six days so it works for me. If you don't like HOT spice you should probably skip the cayenne pepper too ;)

After letting it brown for several minutes on low heat I turned it up just a little to caramelize the bottom, mixed it in and called it done. The peppadews made this chili just a hint of sweet, the garlic made it oh so rich, and the cauliflower gave it body. The cayenne was a slow burn that followed each bite. I'm not a food writer but that's the way I would describe it all. Yum!!!

If divided into 10 servings it is about 12 or less carbs. My serving is more like a 20th of the batch since I have multiple small meals each day. So 6 carbs per meal. Excellent as Mr Burns would say.

Today's meals:
quest bar
Bacon x5. (I have had way too much protein this week so far)

About 14 carbs for the day and surely between 60 and 80 protein. Yeah, I'm on lazy vacation math this week.


  1. I'm sorry, but you lost me at "no-tomato chili"...

  2. Hmm… maybeim the strange one and most people don't have tomato-based chili?

  3. Even my mom said I was wacky for not putting tomato sauce at the very least in my chili! I'm in the twilight zone!

    Your version sounds yummy.

  4. It was great without any form of tomato. Thanks for posting how you make yours. I added cumin and oregano because of you. Yum.

  5. Sounds just wonderful!
    Can't wait to try it.


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