Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weee! Zoom!

breakfast over
Before I left for work this morning I had to ask Cro if it is Thursday. He was still in bed so I don't know if  "mmerph" meant yes or no. It IS Thursday though. And being thus I would expect the remainder of the week to go a little faster. After a long afternoon horseback riding, the horse perks up and walks faster the closer it gets back to the barn. At least that's how I remember it from all my years of riding. So come-on Thursday. Perk up! We are almost to the weekend. It's in sight. We are on the downward side of the mid-week hump. "Weee! Zoom!" as I used to exclaim when riding along with a friend at the performance race track (BMW, not equine).

The scale was bouncing between 179 and 180 this morning so I weighed twice. The first time it settled on 179. The second time it settled on 180. I guess that means 180. One more weigh-in day this week since freeday is going to be split between a late Food Truck sampling tomorrow evening (my client's grande opening restaurant-on-wheels celebration) and an early cut-off time on Saturday.

Type this in a facebook comment to find out your cell phone's name. (Replace the "815" with the last three numbers of your own cell phone:

My phone's name is "Camille Elise Powe"
Today's meals total 60 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 12 carbs
  • Quest bar [20 protein][2 carbs]
  • sausage meatballs and broccoli, cauliflower [10 protein][5 carbs]
  • sausage meatballs and broccoli, cauliflower [10 protein][5 carbs]
  • bacon [20 protein]

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