Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 48? (wow) begins

curly and stripey
I had to peek at the scale this morning to see just how much I am gaining from my freeday of late since I've had two weeks in a row of 2 pound losses. It blows my mind that I am still losing that well after 47 weeks. That's only five weeks away from a year doing this thing and I guess I keep expecting that it will slow down. Well, I suppose it has been slow to begin with, but consistent! So the scale says I've only gained two pounds from freeday so I'm pretty pumped that this Saturday might see me back in the 170's finally. 

The long weekend didn't feel like a long weekend since Friday was so full of activity with Matt. It was SO fun. We went to the theater to see Hugo but after sitting in the dark for well past the time for the movie to begin a couple of other patrons left, then returned to let us know that the movie would not be shown at this time. What? lol. Okay, so we went back to the ticket office and the girl apologized, returned our money and offered us our choice of movie for free to make up for the inconvenience. We chose to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Excellent, though both Matt and I gasped during the kitty death scene. It was a violent movie and this version was Americanized with a love story that didn't appear in the book, nor the Swedish original movie, but still, it was very very good.

After the movie and the gift exchange Matt and John made dinner for us. :) I'm always impressed with how Matt takes care of me by making sure that I have a non-aspartame drink and low carb foods to eat. We had sliced strawberries to snack on, and steak with fresh green beans and diced onions for the meal. Yum!

<3 my friends.

Now I'm back at work and wow, they have me overbooked with projects for the next two weeks. I suppose I'll be working late a lot this week, but that's okay, I'm ready. Matt has some potential freelance work for me too.

Today's meals total 75 protein (60-90 grams per day is ideal for me) and 5 carbs
  • steak [15 protein]
  • lemon Quest bar [20 protein][2 carbs]
  • sausage meatballs [20 protein][3 carbs]
  • ? [20 protein]


  1. 48 weeks? Wow, you are really in a good groove. Way to prove that slow and steady wins the race.

    Have a great week.

  2. It's a slow groove, but I'm glad it's still working. :D
    Gah, SO MUCH work to do for the next two weeks. I think I need a drink. :P

  3. 48 weeks ago. amazing.

    Got the quest bars in today. I slapped HeZug's hand away and threw them into my bag for work. Do you heat all of them up and for how long?

    Thanks so much, I can't wait to try them.

  4. 10 seconds if you like them heated. I like them best that way but like them unseated just fine too. Poor HeZug. I wouldn't share either ;) my precious, hehe.


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