Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 51 begins

And what a nice week it is. It would be better if Cro was with me though. I slept until 7:30am and got my shower with the wonderful stress-free feeling of knowing I have six more carefree mornings before my next 9-5 (which is actually 7-6) work day.

My freelance project is on hold until Matt gets me materials to work with though I did get things set up and the server permissions set straight with their server dude. I think other than checking email I don't need to worry about anything today.

Cro was checking out havannah brown catteries yesterday. I think we are both planning for a new kitten soon. Drogo will join us at some point I'm sure. We just have to find him.

Speaking of kitties, Buddy cat is going to love having me around all week. He's already been served his first canned food of the week.

Meals yesterday were a Quest bar, a burger without bun, bacon, broccoli and one more bunless burger, this time with a slice of sharp cheddar.

I think I might try to make tomato-less chili later today. I Googled it and was amazed that there are actually recipes for that.


  1. Yummy food - and what a day.... sitting there and checking on email.... Wonderful!

  2. woah woah woah... tomatoes in your chili?

    SheZug's Texas chili:
    Ground beef
    Chili powder
    Onion powder (or finely minced onion)
    Red Pepper flakes
    Garlic powder (or finely minced garlic)

    Brown your ground beef, drain, then season to taste. A year ago when I was doing HCG diet I ate this a lot.

    Please tell me you don't put beans in your chili......


    Happy staycation!

  3. Anne - its definitely a different type of day for me. Sort of lonely. I did a trip to grocery yesterday thinking it would be cool to see the store bare of people. There were lots of people there. :/. I will accomplish a big spring cleaning this week and have a date to have my jeep's radiator replaced. ( major surgery ! ). Cro did notice last night that the radiator was leaking slowly. I think I blogged about the oil change guy reporting that and hoped it wasn't true.

    SheZug - hmmm, I guess chili without tomatoes isn't unheard of after all. Must be my lack of getting outside Indiana much. I did plan to add beans since the 4HB diet pushes beans and I've been avoiding them. I'll bet other states don't traditionally top their chili with diced onions and shredded cheese either. I'll skip that. ;)

    1. I like diced onions and shredded cheese on mine and I even like to add mustard. If I think about it, I put a little mustard powder in the meat too while cooking.

  4. Mustard sounds like a great addition, even though I don't like the yellow kind. Maybe a hot dark mustard.


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