Thursday, February 2, 2012


My little Jeep is having it's major surgery today … radiator transplant. Wish it the best.

Another bat swooped into the living room this week. Cro thinks they come in through the unused chimney. Paranoid me thinks that maybe there is a huge colony of them in that unused chimney and that they are just popping out when it gets so crowded they can't fit any more.

Cro came home after instructing me not to try to catch it. He used a little net and did a right professional catch and release procedure that would be worthy of the Animal Planet network. At least I think so.

Incidentally, Buddy cat is nowhere to be found when a bat is flying around the house. I have no idea where he goes but that probably means the bat won't find him either. Chicken cat!

Today's meals
Quest bar [2 carbs][20protein]
Chili [6carbs][ protein]
Baconx2 [20 protein x2]


  1. Bat is very high in protein and low in fat. I can send you some recipes...

  2. In the Army, the false (lowered) ceiling was hiding like 10,000 bats...
    I bitched and bitched and itched and itched till they did something about it.
    Other than issue flea collars!
    Maybe it was just a fluke in the flue!

  3. Those guys on the travel channel eat bats, but then again, they are a little batty to begin with.


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