Friday, February 10, 2012


Yay. New stripes!
Another busy day. I worked late last night and so had the opportunity to try out some Spanish on the night janitor … but I didn't. I wasn't sure if it would be offensive to him to have someone (who clearly only knows a few words of his language) practice on him just because he appears to be Latino. Ah well. I suppose that's the introverted aspect of me (which is the largest portion).

I read an article recently about introverts vs extroverts and it gave me a new pride and appreciation for the way I am. Abraham Lincoln was introverted and he was pretty cool. :P I have nothing against extroverts but there is more than one way to approach this life. I like quiet more than noise, calm more than chaos, the company of one or two friends rather than a crowd of bouncing strangers. Sure, a crowd of bouncing strangers is exciting, but I can only take so much before I'm ready to duck out for some peace. Being introverted doesn't mean I'm antisocial. It just means I prefer depth over quantity. I definitely am not a hermit. I become very sad if I'm alone for too long.

And what does all of that have to do with dieting. Probably nothing but it's my blog and I'll blog if I want to. :P

It's almost time for the rabble to arrive and I have loads to do. 

Oh! I ordered new clothes from Old Navy and they have arrived. :) I ordered a pair of two-sizes-too-small, skinny-skinny jeans as inspiration. I also ordered a few shirts that fit just right (one is pictured).

The Jeep Dr. (that's what I'm calling my Jeep mechanic guy now) is going to take a look at my shocks today. The Jeep makes a clunking noise when going over rough bumps and Cro thinks the shocks are sticking. I probably understand that incorrectly but ah well, I'll leave it to the Jeep Dr.

Meals today total 53 protein and 6 carbs
quarter serving of ground sausage, diced chicken and steamed edamame [2 carbs][6.5 protein]
Quest bar (lemon) - [2 carbs][20 protein]
quarter serving of ground sausage, diced chicken and steamed edamame [2 carbs][6.5 protein]
bacon - [20 protein]


  1. Whoa, whoa. You can't just blog any damn thing you want to! There are rules!

  2. I once asked a nurse to translate something from Spanish...
    She looked at me like I was vexed.
    She was from Madagascar.... and spoke ZERO SPANISH.
    The whole Nursing Station fell silent.
    I would have lost a bet that night for sure.
    I covered my track by saying something like -
    well.... I KNEW that you were from there....
    BUT I thought maybe you knew Spanish, too!
    lol - as they say!


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