Tuesday, February 21, 2012

crawl crawl crawl zip!

That's how my day went. It's crawled along and was depressing for a good while as I searched for work to apply to (but why! I should be committed to finding clients, not a 9-5!), worked on my online portfolio and started to watch a few tutorials for various things that might be useful to know. None of the tutorials went beyond basic info and I could feel myself getting more and more depressed with the lack of a projects other than the one DVD design that I was waiting to hear about.

Oh, and Brian called (the guy who used to sit at the desk next to mine). Apparently he's been told through the grapevine that an intern is now sitting at his desk and helping with the work that he is no longer there to do. This has him feeling pretty low and full of self-doubt. I guess it is a wake-up call to myself when I see another guy who I know is brilliantly talented feeling so insecure and doubting his worth. I reassured him that he is awesome. It pisses me off royally to know they have replaced Brian with an intern who is probably paid next to nothing. *steaming*

Then weeee! Matt called, I started to get emails from my client, positive things all around. I ended the day with an excited and pleased client and a new website project that has to be completed before March 9th. I also got word that the website I designed for Matt's company was well received. Now we are waiting for the other partner to comment. Matt does think they will be adding more content in the form of testimonials and maybe some images.

So yay, it's 6:30 and I finally feel like I've had a good day of work.

Tomorrow is a doctor appointment (the Zoloft prescription) and I'm sure I'll have projects to work on when I get back. Yay!

Life is good as long as I feel like I'm accomplishing something. I guess I'm a typical human. :P

Meals today were tuna, a Quest bar and bacon. I also had an ounce of sharp cheddar cheese which I ate when I was feeling low. *smacks hands* Bad! It was only 1 carb but still, I should have made some veggies for a change. Speaking of veggies, tomorrow afternoon I want to get that low-carb shepherd's pie going. Ground meats, green beans, whipped cauliflower goodness. Even a bit of cheese (not mindless-snacking cheese though!).


  1. I think you are going to enjoy the shepherd's pie. I cut back a teenie bit on the onion, added an extra egg and a can of mushrooms. It is REALLY good and total comfort food. I've made two batches of it lately, but I have no clue why I waited years to make it again. I also used a can of French cut green beans instead of the bag of frozen ones to make it a little faster.

    It sounds like you are doing an amazing job as far as your self-employment goes... What did you do before for freelancing that you mentioned?

  2. I hope mine turns out yummy too. A can of mushrooms would be great but I'll just have to see what's in the freezer and cupboard.

    I created a couple of websites freelance while I was still working the 9-5. spiceboxindy and englishivys. Both dotComs. :)

  3. WOohooo you two have me wanting to make a shepard's pie. Maybe next week when parents are here.


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