Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gain :(

I had too much protein yesterday. The scale had a frightening number to show me this morning so hmm, I will control myself more even though I thought if I was going to eat more it would be okay as long as it was only protein. Weighing 186 on a Wednesday is not okay. Being home with no stressful work to keep me occupied has it's dark side.

So, more strenuous cleaning is on my agenda today and no more than 80g protein! You'd think carbs would be the problem but I know better than to overdue those. *sigh* it's always something

Today's meals
Quest bar [2 carbs][20protein]
Chili [6carbs][ protein]
Baconx2 [20 protein x2]


  1. *sighs*
    It's always sumptin!
    Just another little hill...
    Onward and downward!

  2. See! I told you that you shouldn't eat an entire yak. Listen to me from now on!

  3. At least you figured it out and nipped it in the bud. I have to do more frequent weigh-ins so it's easier to find out the culprit... What do you consider as your weekly weigh-in day anyway? I had a gain today, too.... sigh. ONWARD AND DOWNWARD! How are you enjoying your little vacay? Yeah, it's tough because I work inside the home, so it can be easier to fixate on food than when you are at the office...

  4. Anne-onward and downward! <3

    Jack Sh*t rhymes with yak spit. ;)

    Angie - Saturday morning is the official weigh day. I shouldnt peek early but I'm always so curious. It's so frustrating to gain when my carbs are always so low. It's good to see what I'm doing wrong early rather than later though. I'd have to get timed fridge locks if I worked at home. :p. I kid. I've worked full time self employed in the past.


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