Friday, February 17, 2012

I am the Pajama Warrior!

I've been getting up a little before Cro does to get my shower, do my hair, apply the usual makeup and get dressed (including shoes) each morning since the proverbial Valentine's Day masacre of my job. I'm finding that this is a great idea. It keeps me from falling into the life of a bum – keeps me focused on building something that I can turn into an income.

Today I decided to take advantage of one thing that I can do from home that I couldn't do from the office. Rather than a business-casual blouse I decided to don my pajama top. I am still completely dressed including pants (lol) and even shoes, but I'm facing the day in my cuddly-soft pajama-top rather than a stiff-n-scratchy shirt. I can swap tops at a moment's notice if I do need to leave the house.

Speaking of house, I vacuumed and tidied up a little before starting my day. As I broke out the vacuum I said to myself "If I'm going to work here I'm going to have a clean-n-tidy work environment.". That sort of made it hit home that I am actually going to do this self-employment thing and I WILL make it successful. I've been self-employed before to the tune of 20k for that first year (that was over 15 years ago and I was in my 20's). The first year is always the lean one, the one that I built on, but I think I can top that this time. I will make it happen.

I have friends who are successfully self-employed. One is in California and though she recently took a salaried job she was successfully self-employed for several years. Another guy I know is in a similar boat as me, sort of. He and his business partner went their separate ways and he is now on his own. That doesn't really count as his first year doing this, but he is starting over and having to find new clients. I should email him for some tips though I don't know him that well … yet. And I have a former co-worker who is a developer (programmer) who has started his own thing after being downsized several years ago from the company I worked for. He has a solid business now. And Angie (blogger) is successfully self-employed. I think SheZug's hubby was for awhile too.

Yep. I WILL make this work.

Meals today will be the usual Quest bar, tuna, bacon. Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm looking forward to Cro being able to spend the day with me. :)


  1. Geez - I need to be self-employed!
    lol.... or not!
    I am so confident that you will do this - go you!

  2. hehe ^_^ That guys who has been sending me leads sent another couple today and I make contact. These two are with other big advertising agencies in town. Just watch, now that I'm set on making this self-employment thing work a new job will fall into my lap. :P That would be a good thing but then begins a whole new era of worrying about job security.

  3. Yep, HeZug started back in 2006 with his self employment and became fully self employed in 2008. He likes it and always has a few irons in the fire.


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