Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday and back to work

Another staycation has sped by. I'm happy to have taken the time off since it was a "use it or lose it" situation (vacation days left over from last year) and because it allowed me to avoid the Super Bowl crowds. I'm still a country girl at heart and tend to go for more quiet moments over loud ones.

Being back to work feels odd but a girl's gotta make a living I guess. Even more freelance plopped into my lap so I'm definitely not ever without plenty to do. This time it will be some print work so I'll have to dust off my higher res skills. :P Pretty much the same other than huge file sizes which takes more computer processing time.

Meals today total 88 protein and 6 carbs
Bumble Bee albacore tuna in water - [16 protein]
Quest bar (lemon) - [2 carbs][20 protein]
chicken breast with edamame [4 carbs][32 protein]
bacon - [20 protein]


  1. Print? Somebody's still doing print? What is this... 2007?

  2. I know! It's a series of DVD covers and sleeves. I guess there is still a need for print design for packaging. Give it a few more years though. ;)


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