Thursday, February 23, 2012

o … m … goodness … gracious … me-oh-my!

I woke up this morning, checked my email and woe! A response from the big agency asking if I would do some speck work (an unpaid trial) so they can gauge my skillz. They also want to know what my hourly rate is and if I will charge by hour or by project. And ALSO they want me to pick out two pieces that I feel are my most creative work and do a little write-up on the how and why. Very cool considering this means they are definitely interested. Plus the spec work is two Flash banner ads so will be fun. I promised those by end of day tomorrow since I have another client's work on my plate for today. I said I would get them the creative examples and write-up after-hours tomorrow.

So today I'm working on the back cover for the DVD project and have already done a little update for one of my past freelance website clients. (no charge on that one)

I really hope this freelance momentum continues. I guess I have to adopt the Yoda philosophy in this. "There is no try. Only do."

Meals today are a Quest bar, a serving of LC shepherds pie, edamame and probably bacon. Oddly, or maybe not, I'm looking forward to the weekend (or at least Saturday). The plan is to have that one day off and removed from worry.


  1. You look GREAT! Full of confidence!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll borrow some of that today. :)

  3. A lot of agencies are using the economic downturn as an excuse to replace workers and cut costs. The bigger the company, the more pressure there is to do that.

    Working for yourself can be a great thing, but I always found it was a catfood or caviar type thing. I either had nothing going on or way too much. When I got busy, I'd neglect drumming up new work... and I never could find a good comfort level. There's always that uneasy feeling that work is going to dry up. However, there's NEVER that worry that your boss is going to call you in and have THE TALK.

    Good luck, kiddo.

  4. Jack - I'm already experiencing the uneasy feelings of work drying up though I'm also worried about what happens if I'm overloaded.(worrier).

    I'm pretty sure I can pace the work to not miss deadlines but it's tough to say no to anything right now. I'm trying to be an overachiever by keeping the deadlines tight and I can see I'm going to wear myself out if that continues. Working late is a joy when working for myself though. I'm my own traffic manager now. So much responsibility! I need a drink. No drinking on the job! lol


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