Wednesday, February 22, 2012

say "ah"

I'm at the doctor appointment and want to record my blood pressure numbers before I forget. 122/80

The nurse says that is perfect and since it's been a little high the last couple of times I'm happy. I'll bet it has to do with eating more fish ;)

Although I've been under great stress due to my sudden income evaporation, maybe I can take it better. I'm certainly proactive in making this self-employment thing happen. I'ts just the beginning and I have lots to learn as I go.

I will be boosting my skills when between projects but so far there has hardly been time to catch my breath. I haven't even cried which surprises me. Maybe there isn't time to let worry carry me away. Got to do this! ;)

Edamame for lunch. And I'm making the low-carb shepherd's pie later. One Quest bar for breakfast.

*update: I only worked on the DVD covers project after getting back from the doc. It still seems like it has been a long day. I didn't plan to bring up my career change to but… I needed to ask if he could hold off on scheduling my next appointment for at least six months since I will be going through a change of insurance, am now self-employed and need time to get all that worked out. I didn't go into detail but he wished me good luck with the new business. Am I a business? No. Not officially. I'm just me but I have skillz to offer. :P


  1. That blood pressure is outstanding.

    I hope you will enjoy the pie!

  2. In our area, "freelance" has shifted to a pool of art directors/programmers who are willing to come in and work a day here, a week or two there. Everyone's still afraid to staff up, but business is coming back for most agencies. We've actually hired a couple of people who started in that "freelance" role.

    Good luck!

  3. Angie - The shepherd's pie is delish! So glad you give me all these good recipe links to try.

    Jack - it seems we are evolving into an age of self-sufficiency. I'm still bugged that they replaced Brian with an intern. I guess that's how the people who had unions felt about "scab workers" back in the days when unions were a thing. (Are they still around in some industries? Not mine.)

  4. yep, unions still around, we have them here big time. Luckily I don't work in one though I can't remember if I wrote a comment earlier. LOL We just got back from eating out and I had your page still up.

  5. SheZug - I remember unions from when I was a kid and dad talked about them. I don't know if they were a good thing or bad thing but there was something called "seniority" back then too. Hope your supper out was great!

    Angie - it turned out great. Yum! LowCarb and full of veggies too.


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