Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today I'm dedicating myself to an html refresher. Angie, Jack, do you guys know html? Anyone else?

Basically I used to be responsible for design, code and even Flash. After we got developers who could also code (imagine that, we used to have programmers who weren't versed in html!) but anyway, after we did, all of my html duties were handed off to them (for years) and I concentrated on just design and simple Flash stuff. I was (and still was) their only Flash person so I guess they will have to outsource or go without.

So to drag on my story a little more … I became further and further behind in standards for code until I began to feel very insecure in attempting it myself. Sure, I could do anything in the old tabled html and still can, but table-less was out of my comfort zone. HTML5 and CSS3? Those are what I need to get up to speed with quickly.

Now that I've started researching it again I find that people don't generally hand write code from scratch anymore! What? Then why was I so insecure about it. People are using a base for code that is commented and full of every imaginable need, then just filling in what they are going to use and either removing or leaving commented what they don't. Maybe it will be quicker to get up-to-speed than I thought.

All chat aside, I'm not up to speed yet but today is dedicated toward getting closer to that goal since my two current freelance projects are out for approvals and my one up-and-coming piece is out for data gathering by the client. That leaves today for me to either work on getting my online portfolio put together or working on my skills. What will better serve me in near future? Honing those skills!!!

I have an interview Friday with a place that I just sent an inquiry to on knee-jerk reaction last week. I didn't even think they were still looking for someone so it's a double big surprise that they contacted me wanting to know when I could come in for interview. Funny how things jump out of the corners when you are just focused on what's down the hall. :P yeah, I made that one up but maybe you know what I mean.

It's a big company with a lot of prestige and I have no fear what-so-ever since I wasn't even focusing on getting another corporate job (focusing on making this self-employment thing work instead). If I get it, great. If I don't *shrug* oh well.

I talked to Brian today and the place he interviewed with last week is going to use him for freelance. His wife told him that he should take the summer off. lol  He's like me and definitely needs to bring in money but it's very cool that he has some freelance and his wife doesn't seem to be worried. She got him on her insurance and Cro is going to get me covered on his.

Meals today are:
Quest bar (2 carbs)[dos]
Carbsmart yogurt with a sprinkling of TVP (6 carbs)[sies]
edamame (7 carbs)[siete]
tuna sprinkled with parmesan (2 carbs)[dos]
bacon [cero]
[ total for the day: 17 carbs ][diecisiete]

who knows if I spelled the Spanish numbers correctly, but I have them down to 29!!! I mean vientinueve.


  1. I do know the very basics of html, but not css at all. I've never even heard of html5. I mostly use Microsoft expression to do the coding for me and just kind of wing it.

    The interview sounds promising!

  2. woohoo about the interview. I used to know HTML years ago, but have forgotten everything and then some.

  3. A day of refreshers is behind me. Lots more to go!


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