Friday, February 3, 2012


Trying again (to add photos from the iPad app).  

New Lid

Cool. It isn't very intuitive but I figured it out. I asked for very light highlights and very short in back. I like it. 

I downloaded a few apps for learning Spanish. Although I'd rather learn German due to my ancestry, Spanish has a much greater chance to be useful. So ¿Como estas tu? and ¿Como esta usted? we're part of my first lesson. iPad auto spell doesn't want me to type in Spanish. It wants "usted" to say "used". 

I wish I could figure out how to roll my Rs. I guess if I were learning German I wouldn't need to roll Rs but there would be something else. Why is that Ramstein song in my head now? Du. Du host. Du host mich. Or something like that. 

The city is super full of Super Bowl visitors. I guess lots of people took off work today. I was hoping that living on the north side of Indy would spare me from the crowd. Nope. 

Matt asked if I would be interested in doing some print design. He designs DVD covers and title pages for some extra bucks and is too busy to handle the all. He says it's $400 per design and they usually give 2 weeks to do it in. I haven't designed for print in a long while but I think that will be easy money so why not. ^_^

Funny how I'm working on a freelance project over my vacation and more work just comes to me. Stress-free too. I like it. 

Okay, trying a photo again. I think I might like this app after all. I wonder what else it can do. 










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