Thursday, February 16, 2012

stages of ?

Yeah, I've been thinking about it and I'm definitely going through stages of something. Grief for my lost job is mixed in there along with wounded self-esteem, feelings of uncertainty and fear, resolve one moment, despair the next. Right now I think I'm in a hopeful and energized place. I'm helping Matt out with some stuff so have a place to focus this restless energy.

Cro roasted a huge pork shoulder overnight. He's preparing his NC BBQ for a co-worker who is offering $100. It's so much meat that we might both be chopping it tonight. :)

Meals today are a Quest bar, bacon and a packet of tuna. I did not eat enough yesterday (stress) and trying to be more aware of that today.


  1. Stages of something good! You are on the up and up.
    And the down and low-down at the same time!
    All in a great way!

  2. I'd encourage you to make every effort to work for yourself. Nothing else is as satisfying or rewarding. You'll probably work harder than you ever have, but you'll also be building something for yourself and your future. And you'll never have to worry about somebody else's poor decisions affecting your job security.

    Hope it all works out!

  3. Thanks Anne and Jack. I'm hoping I get to look back at this moment in time and be able to be happy that it all happened. Fear is the mind-killer. I will face my fear and let it pass over and through me. Something like that from some sci-fi movie (Dune!) that I watched.

  4. Dune! now that's a movie to watch again. Spiiiiicccccceeeee


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