Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Taking the bull@$&#! by the horns …

Today I am sorting out my portfolio and taking steps to build it with a refreshed layout and current work. That's an all-important tool I will need to present my capabilities and capture the interest of potential clients.

One clear task at a time will help keep me from a tailspin of worry. Yesterday I was trying to prepare for two different courses of action.

So today. Focus on portfolio website which is a valuable action whether I seek to work for someone else or to work for myself.

I also want to file for unemployment but am not sure whether I do that now or after my two weeks so severance pay is over. I guess I need to ask

Means today consist of a Quest bar and bacon. Probably tuna later though Buddy cat thinks it is for him the moment it hits his nose.


  1. You should file now as there is a one week grace period and list your last day of work. It can all be done online as well.

  2. Thank you Katie J. I will work on getting filed.

  3. Tuna, the kitty crack. I'm hoping eveything works out for you Toots.

  4. Thank you SheZugs. Kitty crack nothing! That tuna is my dinner. hehe

    Angie! Checking my mail. :)


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