Friday, February 24, 2012

Today has flown by and since my computer went into convulsions when I tried to restart a few minutes ago I guess I'm done working until Cro gets home. I was finished with the spec work and successfully emailed that to my contact at the big agency. I even received a "thanks for doing this" and "have a good weekend" reply (so I know it got there before my computer went boom.

So now here I am at 5:54pm, making a blog post from the iPad. I'm so connected it's crazy. Hard to believe that my preferred entertainment was riding my horse, riding my 10-speed, fishing or swimming in the lake when I was a teen. I didn't own a computer until I was at least 22. Weird. I can't imagine living without one now. They are my work, hobby, entertainment, and social uplink.

So ends week two of my adventure in self employment. I think it's been a pretty positive one. Even though there is no paycheck yet. I'm building toward that and will hopefully see the payoff soon. The plan is to become an outsource for a couple of agencies as well as have individual clients with recurring needs.

Meals today were a Quest bar, a serving of LC shepherds pie, edamame and bacon.

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  1. Life without computers?
    We'd all be in the Horse Age!


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